Introduction to SCOME:

SCOME as one of IFMSAs first standing committees from the beginning of its foundation acts as a discussion forum for students interested in the different aspects of medical education in the hope of pursuing and achieving its aim.

Through all our joint efforts we work to create sustainable changes around the world, for ourselves as medical students, for the generations to come and for our future patients and our communities who are in fact the final beneficiaries of our education. Through this knowledge, it empowers them to advocate to be a part of the decision-making chain. SCOME believes in medical students as important stakeholders in creating, developing and implementing medical education systems.


“Medical students attain an optimal professional and personal development to reach their full potential as future doctors for better healthcare worldwide.”

MISSION“Our mission is to be the frame in which medical students worldwide contribute to the development of medical education. Students convene in SCOME to share and learn about medical education in order to improve it as well as benefit the most from it on a personal and professional basis.”

SCOME Programs:

IFMSA Programs keep record of the activities arranged by IFMSA NMOs nationally, and IFMSA internationally. The purpose is to evaluate the degree of impact these projects have towards resolving health issues worldwide.

As of now, there are five SCOME Related Programs: Medical Education Systems, Teaching Medical Skills, Ethics and Human Rights in Health, Health Systems and Human Resources for Health.

  • Medical Education Systems
  • All activities that focus on encouraging students to take interest in medical education systems fall under this program. The objective is to give them an oppurtunity to participate in discussions regarding how to upgrade and refine the methodology of learning medical theory, curriculum and assessment.
  • Teaching Medical Skills
  • This program aims to enchance the abilities of future medical doctors on medical realted subjects, especially their pratical skills so that may play a consequential role in improving the health care system in times to come.
  • Ethics and Human Rights in Health
  • Medical doctors should be knowledgeable on the topic of human rights, so they can act in accordance to medical ethics in the future. All activties that help prepare students tackle moral dilemmas related to healthcare, are categorized under this program.
  • Health Systems
  • The purpose of this program is to engage medical students in activities pertaining to alleviation of the global healthcare system, such as WHO Simulations, discussion on how to allocate funds appropriately for the betterment of Universal Health Coverage.
  • Human Resource for Health
  • The goal is to recruit medical students in activities whose primary intent is to promote health all over the world. This could include discussion forums on Health Workforce Policy to improve staffing decisions in hospitals or health clinics that could educate future doctors on how to manage their valuable human resources well.

    SCOME priority areas:

    • As medicine is an art directed to help the community, we at Medical Education believe that the institutions that teach medicine must include their curriculum in such a way that community’s priority health concerns are dealt with values, Equity ,Quality Education,Relevance,Efficiency Partnership,InInter-Professional education.

      A collaborative approach when students from different fields of education learn about, from and with each other to enable a better health conditions of entire community.

    • MES is to make students learn more about medical education topics so that they are more involved in faculty decision making.

      Accreditation, Curriculum development are major topics discussed under this heading.

    • medical students as future doctors are trained to face ethical dilemmas. Here SCORP comes in with SCOME.

      Behavioural sciences inclusion in curriculum,Organ donation,Euthanasia,Anatomy being studied on dead bodies ,Homeopathy and other traditional medicines are discussed under it.

    • This deals with human psychiatry of learning and how to make learning more effective and easier for students.

    Projects under SCOME (2017-18)

    • Surgical skills workshop
    • Basic Life support workshop
    • USMLE guidance seminar
    • Euthanasia-killing or relieving
    • WHO simulation on the topic “Antimicrobial resistance- A global crisis and increasing threat of emerging and reemerging diseases”.
    • Integrated medical education Marathon
    • Power your Points?
    • MES-UP
    • First Aid and disaster management workshop
    • Stress management workshop
    • Beat the heat

    Want to be a part of SCOME?

    Every year each Local Council and NMO open call for Local officer and National officer respectively. The local officer forms its team with students of the respective local council where as the national officer opens call to constitute its team with members of different local councils of NMO Pakistan.

    Only IFMSA members can join SCOME team in local council or IFMSA-Pakistan SCOME national team. To be the member, you have to fill the membership form and submit Rs. 1000/= only to the stakeholder of the local council.

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