Our wonder woman, our president, a gem of a person, a writer, a trainer, a blogger, our very own Dr Aqsa Shafique has applied for Regional Director for Asia Pacific..

Her vision is to work From the People! For the People! To the People! She often ponders upon the overall picture of this region, and after thorough analysis and assessment, she has come across the various areas that need attention and investment of sincere efforts for improvement. Throughout her five years in IFMSA, she has achieved a lot and always worked to lift each of these areas by involving herself through the various capacities she acquired and served within her NMO and region. She is a team-building advocate, with experience of multiple trainings at local, national and international levels to her name. Even if one chooses to ignore the TMET, TNT, IPET and IPAS credentials, one can not out rule the performance she displayed in all the leadership positions let it be locally as LOME or nationally as NOME(1 term), VPCB (2 terms) or NMO President (1 term) or regionally as RA SCOME. . She is there to bring a CHANGE!!. More power to her!!

If you haven’t read the candidature yet, click on the link below. Happy reading!