About US

IFMSA Pakistan was established in 2001 as Pakistan chapter of IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations). It has its representation in 45+ medical institutes of Pakistan with 10,000+ members. IFMSA Pakistan is Pakistan’s leading Medical Students’ Association. It has 15 lo...

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Our Mission

Our mission is to offer future physicians a comprehensive introduction to global health issues. Through our programming and opportunities, we develop culturally sensitive students of medicine, intent on influencing the trans-national inequalities that shape the health of our planet.

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Founded in 2001

15 LCs & 40+ Coordinators

10K+ students

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Dear IFMSA-Pakistan,

The strongest human rights advocate of IFMSA-Pakistan, Maha Rehman is applying for SCORP Director. During her five years in IFMSA she has worked as president locals, NORP, RA twice. She has served IT, written policy papers, made strategies, given stanc...

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Our wonder woman, our president, a gem of a person, a writer, a trainer, a blogger, our very own Dr Aqsa Shafique has applied for Regional Director for Asia Pacific..

Her vision is to work From the People! For the People! To the People! She often ponders upon the overall picture ...

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Activities Fair 2020

Submission deadline: 8th July,2020 11:59 PKT We know how you'all are missing attending the NGA in person but don't worry we got you covered. The National VPA and NTSDD have collaborated and designed a new way for you to have the experience of something absolutely innovative. Not only are we ...

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  • Aqsa Shafique is currently President IFMSA Pakistan
  • Aliezeh Fatima Rai is the current VPI for the term 2019-20
  • Abyaz Asmar is the current VPE for the term 2019-20
  • Asad Asif was elected as Treasurer, IFMSA-PAKISTAN
  • Zahra Aijaz got elected as Secretary General for the term 2019-20
  • Ammar Qasim has been elected as National Exchange Officer (NEO)
  • Amina Tariq is the current elect National Officer of Public Health.
  • For the post of NORE (National Officer of Research Exchange), Aamash Sohail has been elected.
  • Abra Zahid is the current elect National Officer of Reproductive Health and Aids (NORA)
  • Humna Anis is the current NOME for the term 2019-20
  • Yameena Nadeem was elected as the PubSDD for the term 2019-20
  • As NTSDD, Ahmad Zulaid was elected for the term 2019-20.
  • Deadline for submissions for Activities Fair 2020 has been extended